Listed below you will find some of the general services provided by HHRS.  This list of service offerings is designed to assist you in making an initial determination as to what your specific needs may be.  HHRS understands the importance to provide organizations with choice and flexibility in today’s work environment.  Dr. Hillman will provide a written price estimate and flexible service options based upon the client’s needs.  Our goal is to assist you in improving your human capital investment processes.

Workshops Workshops
Dr. Hillman providing employment training instruction at a 2019 seminar.

Dr. Hillman and his HHRS associates have delivered many training workshops on numerous topics totaling thousands of hours. HHRS has experience in workshop facilitation to varied audiences including executives, managers, staff members, trainees, and unemployment clientele. Topics are available in many different subject areas of our client’s choice. HHRS can deliver a specialized program for you. Workshops that we specialize in include: Leadership; Recruiting and Retaining Millennials; Reducing Generational Conflict; Creating a Harmonious not Hostile Working Environment; Recruiting and Interviewing New Employees; Measuring and Improving Workplace Productivity; Getting Along at Work (Team Building); Employment Readiness; Business Communication (Written and Oral) Boot Camp; and Life Skills. There are many more, so please contact Dr. Hillman for your exact needs.

Strategic Planning/Business Plans Strategic Planning/Business Plans
Many organizations like to use a third party facilitator to assist in structuring their planning. This can be conducted at your facility, off site retreat, or in any customized format you wish. HHRS will provide a written plan of action for your organization with a final report for your board use and company-wide implementation during the following year.
Human Resources Analysis and Design Human Resources Analysis and Design
HHRS can audit your HR Department to determine any deficiencies in paper trails or compliance concerns. How certain are you of your primary HR functions such as drug testing, interview questions, company secrets, and other high risk concerns such as sexual harassment? HHRS provides a cost/benefit analysis to ascertain the cost efficiency of your staffing plan and benefits as it relates to other organizations in your industry. Do you have a succession plan in place? We will provide a full report on any suggestions for improvement. A number of organizations use Dr. Hillman and other HHRS staff for recommendations on daily, weekly, or monthly human resources decisions. This arrangement can save your organization from ending up in court in addition to maintaining quality staffing for your company.
Basic HR Functions for Small Business Basic HR Functions for Small Business
Research suggests that most small businesses must include the following functions in a small HR department to be compliant and successful: Recruitment; Safety (OSHA mandates proper paperwork reporting); Employee Relations-Union or not, the employer-employee relationship must be monitored and properly addressed; Compensation and Benefits (Are you in line with your industry?); Compliance-A critical factor involving laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the National Labor Relations Act and more; Training and Development-Employers must provide learning opportunities for staff in order to grow the business. Staff can be retained with proper incentives and growth opportunities. HHRS is a specialist company in staff training and development.
Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Preparation Course Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Preparation Course

HHRS provides specialty preparation courses for HR professionals seeking to sit for their PHR (HRCI) or CP (SHRM) exam in the near future. The instructors are HRM professionals with extensive HR management experience and education including masters and doctoral level credentials with HR college teaching experience. Please email, call, or fill out the “Contact Us” form with any questions. Watch the Courses section of our website for class schedules.

Always feel free to call Dr. Hillman at (443) 802-3315, or email at, to discuss your customized needs.